is a brand new conference organised by edunation and edunation global 

for international teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

24 September 2022

Why should you take part in the conference?

The aim of the conference is to show all different aspects in which "fluency" plays the key role in our classrooms:

as a speaking skill, but also as a feature of reading, writing and listening: with ease, with speed, with independence, with the right tempo, and with meeting one’s goals.

fluency communication

Is there a more important skill for effective communication?

 No matter what age your students are! We will inspire you to practice speaking without any fear, without much hesitation and without consideration of each and every word.  

How to run a smooth conversation?

How to talk about events?

How not to worry about accuracy? 

Keynote Speakers:

Scott Thornbury

Scott Thornbury

Paul Seligson

Paul Seligson

Our Prelegents:

Luiza fluency now

Luiza Wójtowicz-Waga

Ania fluency

Anna Popławska

Magda Zawadzka

Magda Zawadzka

Monika Cichmińska

dr Monika Cichmińska

dr Tomasz Róg

dr Tomasz Róg

The topics we will discuss:

Different aspects of fluency – is fluency only speaking? 

Fluency or accuracy – what should you pay attention to in your classes? 

Fluency in writing – practical tips, good practices. 

Fear of speaking – how can you help your student fight it? 

A false beginner – ideas on how to work to help your students stop thinking they are at the beginning of their English adventure all the time.

Fluency in reading: how to practice accuracy, tempo and comprehension?

Pronunciation – theory and practice. 

How to assess and test fluency and speaking?  

Drills, discussion, drama, dialogues and conversation: practical applications.

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